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Orgánica Sculptural Vase 10”

Orgánica Sculptural Vase 10”

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This orgánica sculptural vase is an interpretation of an ancient state of being. This piece, along with others within the orgánica collection, are inspired by a state imagined by ancient peoples creating similar work. We try to emulate what it may have been like to create pottery in the ancient world, and we inject it into these pieces. 

This specific piece features an arch that merges into the rim, which can be used as a handle. The piece was inspired by the ancient need of personal water collection. The four extrusions on the exterior of the piece are an interpretation of a puruvian mystery that still baffles scientists today. There are "nubs" on ancient megalithic wall stones that seem impossible to create, with apparently no function. These are "nubs".   

This specific texture was created by scraping the piece with a metal rib. This scraping technique was inspired by a group of talented potters in Oaxaca, Mexico. The subtle imperfections give this piece a presence, and each line and indent represents the touch of a human hand. The piece itself embodies a time where the bond between clay and human began. 

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