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of the earth

18" Serpent Medicine Sculptural Vessel

18" Serpent Medicine Sculptural Vessel

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This 18" hand-built vessel was made using a hand blended mixture of materials. This blend features wild clay, gathered sand and white clay. This piece is left raw and unglazed, highlighting the beauty of the clay.

The subtle imperfections give this piece a presence. 

This collection is inspired by lessons from the serpent. The serpent is a sacred creature in many cultures. It is a symbol of transformation, rebirth and healing. 

While creating this collection I repeated the following words in my head like mantra ::






serpent medicine

This piece has a few surface cracks at the bottom. These small cracks feel like they reflect the words I had in my mind as this collection was created. It can be so easy to try to control everything in our lives, however if we can surrender and accept that we can not control everything, great healing and peace can arise. 


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